Your money and risk

Much of what you have been taught has been incorrect; especially the notion and definition of risk in the business field.

What do you think is risk? A higher risk level means higher reward and lower risk means lower reward?

In investing, treasury bonds are categorized or considered as “risk-free” securities because they possess low levels or nearly zero variability.

So how should we see risk? We should see it as the ultimate outcome; in other words, the probability of a complete loss or injury. We should not correlate risk with return. Academically, in finance, a denotation of this term is named BETA.

BETA measures how risky an investment can be. The higher the BETA, the higher the risk, and vice-versa. The notion behind this should explain that to have higher return, we should look for investments with high BETAs, and if we are looking for safety, we should always consider the low BETA investments.

This is erroneous, there is no argument that states that investments with certain levels of BETA outperform others based on this number, nor, identical BETAs that provide the same level of returns.

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Sonoman Investments’s performance for 2014 (August-December)

Dear All,

Below is our performance since the inauguration of our portfolio, SI Portfolio on August 19th, 2014. SI stands for Sonoman Investments and has achieved a return of 10.53% without considering fees or dividends vs the S&P 500 Total return of 5.76%.

The S&P 500 stands for  Standards and Poor 500 large companies listed in the NYSE and NASDAQ. Many consider it to be a good indicator of the stock market and benchmark when comparing performances.

Results today if you would have invested $10,000 at inception:
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